Create Photo Albums With Multilevel Structure #magento2 #image #gallery

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    The magento 2 image gallery enable you freely create as many gallery as you want. With multilevel structure.

    • Show Image in eye catching & light box
    • 100% Responsive Magento Image Gallery
    • Create photo albums with multilevel structure
    • Display Image Gallery with Multiple Layouts
    • Support Video: Youtube, Vimeo
    • Attach Image Gallery to Any Product Page
    • Freely Add & Edit Photo Descriptions
    • Link albums to related product pages
    • Create Unlimited Image Album
    • Add/manage images into various gallery
    • Place it anywhere with Gallery Image Widget
    • Specify metadata for albums and pictures
    • Attach image gallery on a separate Photo Gallery Page
    • [New] Lookbook Layout
    • Attach image gallery on a separate Photo Gallery Page
    • Display High Quality Image in Touch Optimized & Attractive Slideshow

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