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    This is a very simple extension that makes Magento default search box more meaningful. It allows your users to refine their search when they use multiple search terms.

    By default, when user enters multiple keywords in the search box, Magento will search for the items containing ANY of the search keywords. This does not make much sense in real life. Say, user tries to find some red shoes and enters "red shoes" as their search term. But be default they will see everything that contains word "red" and everything that contains word "shoes" -- i.e. all red clothes and all shoes in the store.

    This FREE Catalog Search Refinement extension modifies your default search behavior to show only pages that contain ALL search keywords.; So in the example above users will see only pages that have both "red" and "shoes" in the product description.

    We are working on the more extended version of this extension to allow multiple options, so check it out later for updates and additional features.


    Installation process is very simple. Get the extension in you shopping cart and click "Check Out". After you finish the checking out process (no payment is required as this is a FREE extension, just download the extension archive in your "My Downloadable Products" section. Unpack the extension archive and copy the content of the 'html' subfolder to your Magento store web root.

    Once installed, the extension does not require any additional setup, it's just changes the search behavior behind the scenes.

    Please note that there is no configuration options for this extension. Once installed, it just changes the Magento search behavior behind the scenes. For multiple keywords it will show only products that match ALL of the keywords, instead of matching ANY of the keywords, which is Magento's default behavior.

    Magento Editions Compatibility

    Community Edition: and above
    Enterprise Edition: and above

    This extension is released under the Open Software License v. 3.0 (OSL-3.0). Please read the full license agreement here:

    Community Support Forum

    Have any questions about this extension? Need help with installation and/or configuration? Have some good tips and tricks about using it? Please visit the support forum for the Catalog Search Refinement extension here.

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