Ai có modules Magennto Virtual Product Customer Partner này mình xin với!!!!

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    Mình đang cần modules như thế này, ko biết bạn nào có share mình với. Thanks các bạn rất nhiều!!!!!!

    Magennto Virtual Product Customer Partner extension is an awesome module by which you can convert your magento store in to proper sale purchase site with tons of other options please find the documentation for complete information

    Some of the Brilliant Features of This Module :

    1 - Customer can upload the product and product infotmation like price,weight,stock,quantity and image etc.

    2 - Admin can assign customer to partner

    3 - Partner can assign all of his product

    4 - Separate partner profile page

    5 - Checkout mail to partner and customer .

    6 - Partner can assign the product category from the customer partner front-end.

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